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  1. Toolkit for Differentiated Professional Development: Looking to personalize professional development in your organization or improve the impact of it but not sure where to start? Check out the Professional Development Toolkit as a beginner’s guide to planning effective professional development.
  2. Professional Development Alignment Tool: Far too often the professional development that educators sit through isn’t aligned with the practices they’re charged with implementing. By intentionally planning for PD that is aligned with data-driven improvement goals we can improve the capacity of practitioners and outcomes for students.
  3. Accountability Planner LWL Template: Support your project management and the challenge of meeting deadlines by providing your team with the structure to do so and formalizing the process. Use this form at the conclusion of a team meeting to document who will be accountable for producing what needs to be completed and set deadlines.
  4. Instructional Leadership Weekly Planner: This tool is to help educational leaders make effective use of their time and focuses on helping school level leaders get into classrooms, provide feedback, and improve their instructional leadership ability. For more tips on how to use, listen to episode 15 of season 1 of the Leadership With Latoya Podcast
  5. Leader Daily Productivity Planner: This tool is designed to support leaders in identifying weekly priorities, documenting accomplishments, and setting weekly goals.
  6. Elements-of-an-Effective-Lesson-converted-converted This tool is designed for school leaders who want to help teachers focus on the most salient concepts for effective instruction. Use it and let us know your thoughts.
  7. Critical Feedback Tool: Learning to receive and act on critical feedback in a productive manner is an essential skill in professional growth.  Without a planned set of coordinated actions and practice, leaders run the risk of being unable to accept critical feedback, shutting down when critical feedback is received, or impacting the way he or she is coached for future development. Use this tool to help you receive feedback more effectively and provide it in the same manner.
  8. Leadership Goal Planner: Leaders need to be sure they have a formalized process for setting goals, monitoring progress, and self-evaluation. This tool aids in the powerful practice of self-reflection and can support your personal and professional goals.
  9. Instructional Leadership Planner: This tool can help instructional leaders connect their most prioritized instructional goals, observations, and professional development. Using this tool is sure to add clarity and focus to your instructional leadership efforts.
  10. Instructional Leadership Mini-Workbook: This workbook is available for leaders who are looking for a way to pull all the pieces together: improvement goals, resources, and professional development. Download it for free here!
  11. Course Equity Audit Resource: Use this tool as a reflective review of how well represented each subgroup may be in your most rigorous courses. Identify roadblocks to course participation and develop an action plan to increase equitable access and opportunity for all students.
  12. Instructional Leadership Walk Through Tracker: Students aren’t the only ones who need their progress monitored. Start a friendly competition as an admin team or with fellow principals and leaders and track your walk-throughs, calibrate your feedback, and share patterns and emerging themes based on your observations with staff. This works best if you can start with one to two focused instructional practices. Be sure to clearly define what acceptable implementation looks like, provide a model for teachers, and then go observe and provide high-quality feedback as they work to incorporate the practice into their instruction. Post the weekly results where it’s visible to all. It will hold the team accountable and create a transparent environment for committment and growth. Download it below!

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