Reflections on Accelerating Team Growth!

This morning I participated in #leadupchat. It’s every Saturday morning at 9:30 EST. I love it. When I start thinking about what I like about it and why I love it so much, I realize it’s mostly because it makes me think! Today’s topic was about accelerating the growth of team, identifying potential barriers to team growth, and monitoring the progress of team growth. I wanted someway to capture my thoughts so below you will find a compilation of my tweets from this morning’s chat:

1We must remember the talents of an individual will never supercede the work of a team. One is never greater than ALL!
2. We need to remember that intellectual conflict is about attacking ideas, not people. I question ideas, but it’s not about you!
3. When you’re smack dab in the middle of something your view becomes routine. New eyes see things we overlook. Perspective matters.
4. Embrace conflict. Harmony feels good, but conflicting perspectives make collaborative solutions. Don’t be afraid of it.
5. Invite all perspectives to the table-even those we don’t understand/agree. The best compromises are born out of conflict.
6. We need analytical thinkers to make us better, not a bunch of “yes men”!
7. We’ve got a real problem in education with confronting the brutal facts. We end up working on symptoms instead of root causes.
8. Real problems call for real solutions. Don’t use band aids when you need an antibiotic. Be brave enough to face the facts.
9. Be honest about your current reality. Don’t use the “we need to be positive” to avoid dealing with the brutal truth.
10. Goal setting is a simple way to monitor progress. Set a goal, be strategic in action steps to reach it, check progress, repeat.
11. Selflessness takes intentional practice. Understand excellence isn’t about you! It’s about the organization. Team before self.
12. Comparing ourselves or our organizations to others also slows growth. Make the standard the mirror not the telescope. Look inside first.
13. Nothing slows down team growth like a lack of FOCUS. Trying to do it all instead of do it well. Quality trumps quantity every day.
14. Selfishness prevents team growth. Professional jealousy is poison to organizational excellence.
15. To achieve team excellence we must work on changing mindsets from believing success is luck to believing success is the result of intentional and deliberate action.
16. Inspiring others to believe that they don’t have to settle for average is leadership. It is possible to be excellent and to be the best.
17. Making people uncomfortable with the status quo is an art. We must move them to believing and not wishing. Understand that success is addictive and once experienced it is likely to create a desire to experience it again.
18. Excellent teams understand everyone has a role. No point guards trying to play power forward! Get in where you fit in & work!
19. Team growth happens when we capitalize on the strengths of members of the organization & combine those to achieve excellence!
20. To accelerate team growth, we must master recognizing untapped potential. Organizational excellence is team excellence.

I don’t know about you, but I believe these are 20 good thoughts worth remembering about working toward team excellence. Join the tribe next Saturday at 9:30 EST for another great and inspirational #leadupchat!

Until next time, be you, be true, be a hope builder!

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