Who’s In Charge of Your Professional Development?

In our most recent episode of #leadershipwithlatoya, we tackle the topic of taking charge of your professional development. This is an all too important concept for leaders and others alike. If we wait to be invited to the next conference, for the next organizational offering, or for someone to mandate us to attend the company professional development, we sacrifice our own personal professional development and growth, limiting it to what is being offered to us instead of working to address gaps in our own skills. This is dangerous, yet an all too common tendency for leaders. It is so easy to get so immersed in the work we are responsible for that while we are pushing others, we forget to grow ourselves. If we aren’t careful, we wake up one day, and ask ourselves a question that we can’t seem to answer: What have I learned to help me be a better leader and a better learner?

I am constantly asking myself that very question. It is the core reason why I blog and podcast. I am a learner first, and a leader second. Without taking care of my own professional development and growth, the folks who I am responsible for working with as the leader, are subjected to my own limited knowledge, skills, and abilities. In order to build capacity in others, you must first build it in yourself. I’ve spent the last year learning a new job and I still have a great deal to learn. I am not perfect, and there have been many lessons learned this year. However, I am committed to learning and working to grow myself in those areas needed to be the best leader I can be for those I work with and serve. I am dedicated to making sure my contribution is adding value to our organization in a way that is clear, quantifiable, and positive.

My question for readers and podcast listeners regarding this topic are simple:

What are you doing to grow yourself professionally?

What excuses are standing in the way of you building your own capacity for leading?

How can you structure your time in a way to allow for you to develop yourself to maximize your potential?

How will you hold yourself accountable for you own professional development?

You are in charge of your professional development and growth. Don’t wait for the invite to the conference, the mandatory meeting, etc. If there’s something you want and need to learn, go do it!

Until next time-be you, be true, and be a hope builder!

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