The Courage To Speak Up

I wish I could string together the right words in a precise fashion that would express how elated I am to have found my voice. I have been a writer my entire life. At the age of seven, I fell in love with writing. Now at 40, I’ve determined that we are at perhaps one of the most critical moments in our love affair. I with it, and it with me. It’s hard to explain but the growth that’s occurred in me as a writer is really fascinating to me. It’s taken me some time to find my voice, to discover the right way to mix facts and research with my thoughts and ideas. In my last few blog posts, I’ve seen a maturation, a critical turning point in my written work. I have found my voice.

While I would not say that my previous writing was not good, I would be remiss if I didn’t say my more recent pieces and the book I am writing has a different style. It’s authentic and genuine, yet bold and courageous. It incorporates research, yet connects to the practical realities of leading, teaching, and learning.

I believe what helped me find my voice, is that I have been writing with a new found courage. I’ve given myself the freedom to write the things that I’ve wanted to share, but had not found the courage to do so. Figuring out how to share what matters most to me in a way that inspires and moves others has been a journey. So often my passion-laden writing can come across as a lack of openness, a reluctance to listen to others or be misinterpreted as something other than I intended. My writing voice has matured. It has not been silenced or muffled by fear. Instead, I believe that I’ve been made free by my courage to write from the inside.

I want to inspire educators everywhere to exercise courage in your advocacy for our profession. Extend your conversation beyond your inner circle. For it is not our colleagues who need to hear our voices, but those who are making decisions that impact our daily practice. I’ve found the courage to speak up about the things that matter most to me. I’ve found my voice.  Find yours and join me.

Until next time-be you, be true, be a hope builder!

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