Courage: Resisting the Fear of Failure

As a young child growing up, I distinctly remember the one thing my mother told us about being scared. It was simple and to the point. “Never let fear stop you from doing anything.” That mantra has guided me and given me courage in moments of uncertainty, times of debate when decisions had to be made and I had to decide whether or not to step through the doors that opportunity opened for me. Each time I chose not to allow fear hold me back, my courage developed. I’ve come to realize that that fear has a power to hold us, hostage, in spite of our best intentions, if we allow it to do so. While playing it safe can feel more secure, if we never take a chance we leave our destiny up to question. Who wants to live with a series of “what could have been, might have happened, if I had only…” thoughts.

As I get closer to finishing my book and publishing it, I realize that I’m taking a chance on so many levels. I’m self-publishing, not working with any particular publisher which has its limitations and benefits. I’m investing my own personal money to do so which I’d classify as a high-risk investment. I’m promoting my book on my own, developing a publication plan, and revamping my #leadershipwithlatoya website. In the last year, I’ve started a podcast, produced an e-Magazine, and written a book all while working a full-time job. I’ve done all of this for one reason. I enjoy it.

This past fall, I ran into an old colleague at a local restaurant who said, “I see all of your stuff on Twitter. What are you trying to do?” I responded, “I’m trying to be me. I want to share good stuff with people.” I thought about that question long after it was asked, and I’ve decided that my courage is mine. It belongs to me and me alone. As I get closer to the release and publication of this book, I get nervous about so many things. Will anyone read it? What kind of critique should I expect? What will happen if it’s a total and complete flop? How will I respond?

I’ll respond with the same courageous heart it took to put my thoughts and ideas on paper, to put my vulnerability out in the open, to present my heartaches and passions bare and naked to the world. I’ll respond with the courage it takes to take a chance at living a life with no what ifs and no questions about my destiny because I believe in my dreams and my hopes more than I believe in my fears.

Until next time-be you, be true, be a hope builder!


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