Why We Are Breaking Up (I’m letting go of the words Master Teacher)

Recently at our principals’ retreat I found myself a little more outspoken than normal. I’m a quiet person at first, but once I get to know you I can do some talking. The other thing that makes me speak up is when I really feel I have to something to say because I’m passionate about it or my brain is at full throttle. 

At any rate, our required reading was Turn the Ship Around by David Marquet. He emphasized the need for a leader-leader model instead of a leader-follower model. If you haven’t read it, you should.
And that is why I’m breaking up with the word: Master Teacher.
Nobody is a master teacher. The word indicates that there is a such thing as mastering the art of teaching.  Because best practices are constantly being developed, added to, and changing, mastering the art of teaching isn’t possible (in my not so humble opinion-I know..I could use a bite of humility as my posts have been pretty direct lately).
So master teacher, it’s over. My new love is master learner. Master learner indicates we understand that we learn first and teach second. We understand that we must be perpetual learners who seek knowledge to help us sharpen our teaching skills. We understand that in order to be the best at teaching we must be the best at learning. We understand that although we may master the art of learning, we must work to stay on top of our teaching skills. Being a great teacher today doesn’t make you a great one tomorrow, unless you keep learning.
Until next time-be you, be true, be a hope builder,

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