Don’t Let Them Poison You!

I can remember when I began my teaching career in 1999. I was so excited to finally have my own classroom. I was full of ideas and excitement. It was a dream come true. 

And then I went to school. Dodging the negativity was like ducking as random spears were thrown from every direction. From the day I started to present, I’ve worked hard to protect my fire. Yep. It’s so awful, but we all know those who pride themselves on making sure you are realistic by pouring negativity, complaint on top of complaint, and bitterness on every exciting moment possible.
 I’ve come to realize that I am responsible for stirring my passion when it needs to be stirred. I stoke my own fire by reading, dreaming with those who believe, collaborating and connecting with like minded folks.  And I’m also responsible for not letting those whose fire has been stomped out with bitterness because they lack the will to believe infect me with their poison.
So my message today is to encourage educators everywhere to stoke your fire this summer. Find someone who wants to dream of what could be instead of anticipate what can’t happen. Stay far away from those who want to infect you with the poison of negativity. Pay attention to how and who you are spending your professional time with-you may be susceptible to being poisoned and not even know it. Stay on the bright side, don’t just look at it. There’s a challenge for all of us.
Until next time-be you, be true, be a hope builder!

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