Leading for Improvement Part 8: Fuel the charge with actionable feedback.

High-quality feedback is critical to a system of continuous improvement. With the critical eye of others affirming or correcting our work, we can grow exponentially. This is especially true when it comes to school and district improvement.  Just as learners need affirmation and diagnostic feedback that leads to correcting misconceptions of thinking, teachers need the same to enhance their practices and course correct before things go too far off track. Our responsibility as leaders does not end with the charge to change we place upon others. Instead, we must keep efforts moving in the right direction by providing supportive and actionable feedback that is specific, actionable, targeted, and helps improve the capacity of those we have charged with changing. 

Without feedback, our push to ask others to improve is nothing more than words without work. We must do more than articulate why there is a need for change and what changes need to happen. Our explanation of how members of the organization can make the changes we are advocating for must accompany our feedback. People want to know if they are getting it right and if they are not they want to know how they can get it right. Everybody needs feedback to grow and to thrive. When we fail to provide feedback to those we serve or ask for it from those we are serving, we create a one-way communication system in which our decisions, actions, and direction is driven by our personal perspective. A lack of feedback is the ultimate barrier to increasing the capacity of others. 

Often in the conversation regarding high expectations and the necessity of those to drive improvement, the critical element of feedback is missing. Our expectations alone do not serve as a catalyst for change. They only help us move our organization in the direction we desire if we provide feedback to support those we serve in their efforts. Feedback is leadership in action.  The power it has to enhance improvement or inhibit it when missing is undeniable.  Keep the feedback loop open, transparent, and collaborative. As leaders, we need feedback as much as we need to give it to others! That’s transformation on the inside and the outside!

Until next time, be you! Be true! Be a hope builder!


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