Leading for Improvement-Part 7: Lead the learning before you set the expectation.

Serving as a leader and focusing on improvement requires a great deal of learning. In order to be able to lead improvement efforts effectively, one must be sure to learn a variety of things: about the organization, the needs, strengths, and challenges. Further, the leader must equip him or herself with the knowledge, skills, and processes to lead the improvement effort. Dedication and commitment are only effective if coupled with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in outcomes. High expectations also matter, but before the leader can set the expectation, and hold others accountable for meeting it, learning in depth about what you are about to ask of others is essential. Leaders go first-in their learning, in accountability, and their actions.

Learning as much as you can about school improvement means taking the initiative to learn as much as you can by reading peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and investing in your professional development in ways that produce a positive return on investment. That means being strategic regarding the conferences you attend, and perhaps not attending a conference that you’ve always attended any longer because it actually does not meet your needs when it comes to improving your organization. Leaders who learn before they try leading don’t look to others to serve as the architect of their professional development. Instead, they accept full responsibility for their professional growth and understand the necessity of it if they are going to lead the charge of school improvement and develop a set of expectations for all members of the organization, including themselves.

When leaders set the expectation before they learn about the practices they are expecting others to execute, they create a false dichotomy that effective leaders are effective solely because they have communicated and held others to high expectations. What I know for sure is that the most impactful leaders hold themselves to high expectations before they place expectations on others, and one of those is that they are lifelong learners. Those charged with leading improvement efforts must equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to be effective in leading change. Only then, can they set the expectations for others to meet!

Until next time, be you! Be true! Be a hope builder!


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